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Many companies are still unaware of the variety of products that can be manufactured in a much more efficient manner with the use of Swiss style machining equipment, also known as screw machines.
Consider some of the features that our screw machines can put to work for your company: 
  • Automatically manages from 3/16" dia. to 1 ¼” dia. bar stock.
  • Performs complex milling operations using a variety of live tools.
  • Can hold extremely tight tolerances even over long part lengths.
  • Works well for small or large quantities in spite of longer setup times.
  • Keeps part costs down by using the sub-spindle for much of the process.

Thin parts, small parts, or complex parts;
no problem using Swiss style technology.
(No, we didn't make the dime. But we could!)

Our machines can hold up to 27 tools at   

a time for sophisticated jobs.

This batch of stainless steel parts was just removed from our steam washing process to leave them clean and free of oil or debris.

Each piece is automatically ejected from the machine. This allows for constant monitoring of tight tolerances and minimizes machine idle time while the bar-feeder keeps feeding the machine more material.


Cutting with the use of synthetic cutting oils allow for longer tool life and better surface finishes.

Screw machines, as they are commonly called, do in fact make screws, but can make so much more, such as pins, fittings, sleeves, knobs, and orfices.

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